Total Dance Innovations offers a wide variety of classes for all ages.  Many levels of dance are offered on a recreational and competitive level.  RAD ballet exam classes are available to students who qualify.
 Pre-Dancefor ages 3 to 4
Pre-Dance Is a specially designed class for pre-school children. Students will learn basic dance movements, emphasizing rythm and self expression. This is an introductory class in which different styles of dance are practiced to childrens music.
 Acrobatics for ages 4 to 18
Acrobatics is a form of dance which combines gymnastics and dance moves. The art of Acrobatics emphasizes strength and flexibility while connecting the movements to music. Choreography for Acrobatics includes individual, partner and group "tricks" which students will practice in class.

 Jazz for ages 4 to Adult
Jazz is a form of dance that has evolved with popular music.  Classical moves are stylized, while body isolations are used to express the dynamics in the music. Students will enjoy practicing jazz steps to their favourite songs.

 Ballet for ages 4 to Adult
Classical Ballet is the basis for all forms of dance. Proper posture and refined technique are developed in a more structured atmosphere of a ballet class. Standard exercises assist a student in understanding body awareness, while performance and musicality are emphasized in ballet training.

 Tap for ages 4 to Adult
Tap dancing is a form of dance which requires the student to use their feet as musical instruments! Rhythm and co-ordcination are developed in a tap class while practicing steps to many different styles of music.
 Musical Theatre for ages 7 to 18
Musical Theatre is a class that combines dance and acting.  Using show tunes and comical songs, students will learn dance movements while telling a story through their actions and facial expressions

 Hip Hop for ages 5 to Adult
Hip Hop is the latest dance "craze". This is a form of "street" dancing that requires a great amount of co-ordination and musicality to achieve. Students enjoy practicing Hip Hop moves to popular music while receiving a great workout.

   Contemporary for Teens
Contemporary is an interpretive dance form which combines modern and ballet techniques.

Recommended Ages for new students:
Pre-Dance 3 years (prior to the end of 2018) - must be trained
Intro Classes    4 years
Beginner Classes 6 years
Junior Classes 7 to 9 years
Intermediate Classes 10 to 12 years
Teen Classes 13 + years
Adult Classes 18 + years
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